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Welcome to astro-bubble! Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Medi, and I'm a self-taught, passionate astrologer keen to help you learn all about your birth chart and divulge what the future holds. I have been interested in astrology my whole life. However, in recent years I have learned what an incredible self-relfection tool natal charts can be. Plus, I'm a complete control freak and love knowing what the future has promised! 

why do we do this

I believe that the movements of the planets and the stars you were born under have a profound impact on our lives. I believe they influencing our relationships, personality, ability to make money, and overall life path. However, I found the guides available online just as confusing as my actual birth chart! Through astro-bubble, I will to provide you with clear, through guides on reading your birth chart, manfiestation, and predicting your future.  By decoding these celestial messages, I will empower you to move forward in life, embrace your true self, and harness the energies that surround you to move in your favour.

our mission is to provide you with clear, knowledgeable guides to de-code your natal chart. we committed to providing accurate, insightful, and engaging content that serves as a guiding light in your astrological journey.

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