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All About The Second House In Astrology

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

So, you’re here to learn about the second house, the house of luxury and wealth in astrology. If you’ve landed on this article, you might be searching for advice regarding your monetary wealth. Or, you might be looking for guidance in wealth and assets at a more metaphysical level.

When reading into the second house, it is always important to keep in mind what definitions of ‘wealth’ and ‘luxury’ you are driven by. We’re going to dive a bit deeper into the role the second house plays in the Twelve Houses, as well as in relation to each zodiac sign and their respective ruling planets.

Key Takeaways

  • The second house is the house of wealth and luxury.

  • Each zodiac sign has a different ruling planet, which can affect their experience of the second house.

  • The second house is ruled by the practical Taurus sign and by the planet Venus.

What Is The Second House In Astrology?

The Second house is the second segment of the astrological chart. It naturally follows the first house and is sometimes also called the natal chart or birth chart.

The second house is ruled by Taurus, and for good reason; the second house is all about money, honey! With Taurus being associated with the material world, beauty, luxury, and dependency, it’s no wonder it rules the house of worth and self-worth.

The ruling planet of the Second House is Venus. As the symbol for a life partner as well, when Venus is in the second house, it may mean that property, money and other assets can be derived from your life partner. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see how The Second House can have some negative implications as well as positive ones.

What planet am I ruled by?

Your second house’s planetary ruler is determined by its star sign. Planetary rulers are as follows:

  • Aries is ruled by Mars

  • Taurus is ruled by Venus

  • Gemini is ruled by Mercury

  • Cancer is ruled by the Moon

  • Leo is ruled by the Sun

  • Virgo is ruled by Mercury

  • Libra is ruled by Venus

  • Scorpio is ruled by Pluto

  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter

  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

  • Aquarius is ruled by Uranus

  • Pisces is ruled by Neptune

Remember— this is the modern planet alignment. Ancient astrology reads differently.

Each planet is significant in its own way. For example, Venus is significant in relation to beauty and luxury. Those with strong Venus placements are drawn towards beauty and luxury, and are probably very beautiful! On the other hand, Mars is an opportunistic, proactive planet, so those with lots of Mars placements are dynamic go-getters. Jupiter signifies good fortune, so those with strong Jupiter placements may feel they can easily manifest their dreams.

Second House Astrology

Second House in Aries

If your second house is in Aries, you are ambitious, assertive, and skilled at making money.

It’s easy for you to identify lucrative opportunities, follow them through with determination, and take calculated risks.

Usually, 2nd house in Aries people have great financial discipline. However, if the house is poorly aspected, it can also mean your opportunistic nature can be mis-led. Namely, so-called ‘easy wins’ might be less beneficial than taking a slower approach.

Second House in Taurus

If your second house is in Taurus, you value financial stability and material possessions. You have a strong work ethic, a love of luxury, and a determined stubbornness to achieve nothing but the best.

However, success can be slow for those with Taurus in the second house which can cause frustration. But nothing worth having came easy, and a steadfast, cool-headed approach to finances and wealth is rarely a bad thing.

Second House in Gemini

If your second house is in Gemini, you will make money through communication, education, and partnerships. However, you may also make money through freelance roles or creative pursuits like painting, writing, or video content. After all, Gemini is ruled by communicative Mercury!

However, Gemini is the house of the twins. Money will come, money will go for those with Gemini in 2nd house.

Second House in Cancer

If your second house is in Cancer, your deep emotional connections can influence your monetary decisions. Though this can make you a little more susceptible to manipulation, your desire for security often triumphs.

You are likely to make money through a family business or by working with family. Working from home can also bring great wealth to those with cancer in the second house.

Second House in Leo

If your second house is in Leo, you’re destined for the stage. You might be a model, actor, big on social media, or a singer. What’s more, you are confident in your financial decisions and make bold financial moves.

But be careful— as a free-spirited Leo, your attitude towards money and material possessions can become flamboyant and extravagant when the Sun is in the second house. Though this initially sounds like a dangerous attitude to finances, Leo’s increased desire to seek luxury and financial recognition during this period can make you savvy money-makers.

Second House in Virgo

If your second house is in Virgo, you can expect to make money through self-employment. You know how to fix a problem, dear Virgo!

What’s more, you’re a fantastic manager of your own finances. However, Virgos should be aware that your attention to detail can be all-consuming and, in some cases, make you miss an opportunity when it comes to monetary gain. Don’r be so hard on yourself— you’re doing fine.

Second House in Libra

If your second house is in Libra, you’ll likely make your money through other people or with other people. For example, a social media influencer or community manager. You also might find your self-worth through relationships with others, which can be a tricky place to be.

Libra natives value balance. Naturally, this means Libra takes a balanced approach to managing their finances. However, they can struggle with decision-making in relation to their financial assets.

Second House in Scorpio

If your second house is in Scorpio, your intensity and passionate nature translates into your finances and self worth.

With a dark, secretive nature, Scorpios often engage in strategic, intellectually-fuelled ways to make money. This might include engaging in investments, financial planning, or business ventures that require a deep understanding of complex financial matters. Scorpios tend to be highly resourceful and are not afraid to delve into the depths of financial markets or opportunities that others may find intimidating.

Second House in Sagittarius

If your second house is in Sagittarius, you are target driven and travel oriented. You can easily profit from philosophy, teaching, or travel and will find yourself with a great deal of luck when it comes to money.

Sagittarius is a flexible sign that often finds itself able to adapt to unexpected situations. This may come in useful when the second house is in Sagittarius, as natives of this sign can be pretty impulsive when it comes to spending.

Second House in Capricorn

If your second house is in Capricorn, you are destined to have a great career— sometimes whether you want it or not! You will make money through a corporate or business career, and will likely advance quickly through the ranks. Capricorns are driven money makers owing to their stubborn nature.

However, Capricorn may find their stubborn attitude and pure determination in relation to money-making can sometimes make them miss out on an unusual opportunity to make extra cash.

Second House in Aquarius

If your second house is in Aquarius, you may prioritise their own intellectual fulfillment over material possessions. With the unpredictable ruling planet of Uranus, Aquarians may engage in unconventional money-making strategies. Other signs may view Aquarius as non-traditionalists by money-making norms, but Aquarius signs often find success in their innovative financial ideas.

Second House in Pisces

If your second house is in Pisces, you will likely find success if you pursue a career in all things mysterious. For example, tarot, horoscopes, or astrology.

As with the fluidity of Aquarius, this water sign can also be impulsive when it comes to money-making. You might find yourself pursuing matters for a short time before giving up when you don’t find the success you expected.

Plus, Pisces in second house people tend to be a little ‘scatter-brained’. You might find yourself losing possessions frequently!

The Bottom Line On The Second House

Overall, house 2 astrology plays an active part in how we spend, save, and make money. However, it can also highlight our self-worth and what we value in our lifetime.

Each sign exhibits their own unique traits in relation to the second house, in turn showing how the placement of their ruling planet affects their financial decision-making. Understanding these planet placements can provide a fresh lens through which we can interrogate our own relationships to money and luxury.

Not only is this valuable in today's society, but it can also help us look into the reasons why we engage with money in the ways that we do.


What is a second house stellium?

A second house stellium is where three or more planets appear in your 2nd house. It can mean you have a love of material things, have deep-rooted self confidence, or take pride in your appearance. The sign your stellium falls in will influence the meaning of your 2nd house stellium.

What if my second house is empty?

This simply means your relationship with money may not be your primary focus. It’s not unusual to have an empty second house. With twelve houses and only ten planets, you are sure to have some empty houses in your birth chart. For those whose birth charts don’t include any planets in the second house, don’t panic! You are not destined for a life of destitution.

What planet is good in the second house?

Venus is a powerful force to have in this space in your birth chart. Its association with strong values, respect, and sensibility translate well to all things wealth-related. Jupiter is also a good force to have in the second house. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands it, and this can never be a bad thing, finance-wise!

Why is Saturn in the second house considered bad?

Saturn is considered a ‘malefic’ planet, which means it brings bad luck. Some believe that Saturn in the second house means difficulty saving and financial misfortune. However, it also signifies that one may overcome obstacles in their financial situation far better than some of the other signs.


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