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All About The Fourth House: Understanding Fourth House Astrology

The 12 houses can be a confusing part of astrology, but they play a fundamental part in understanding ourselves on a deeper level, as well as decoding those little symbols on our birth chart.

Every house speaks to different areas of our lives, and understanding the meaning of each can help us dive deeper into our journeys of self-discovery. The fourth house represents home and family. You can expect the houses and ruling sign of your 4th house to have an effect on your family life. 

Ready to learn all about 4th house astrology? Consider this your personalised astrological roadmap for your family journey. Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • Your 4th house is the house of the home, family, self care, children, one’s parents, and emotions. 

  • The sign of your 4th house will influence how your family life presents itself. 

  • Each house is ruled by a different planet which is dependent on the rising sign of your birth chart. 

What Is The Fourth House In Astrology?

The fourth house is the 4th section of your birth chart. It’s ruled natally by the Cancer zodiac sign and the moon. The fourth house represents everything connected to the home, family life (chosen or blood), family secrets, family matters, and domesticity. It also speaks directly to our relationship with our mother or the maternal figures in our lives. 

Although the 4th house is natally ruled by the moon, each of us has a ruling planet depending on our rising sign. When our fourth house ruler moves through each house, we may find ourselves directly or indirectly affected by the topics pertaining to that house. 

For example, if your fourth house is in Libra or Taurus, there may be a focus on relationships, partnerships, and collaborations within your home and family sphere as Venus moves through your seventh house. This transiting planet will have an effect on how we take care of ourselves and our relationship with feeling safe, loved, and nurtured at that time.

A loving family wrapping their arms around each other
The fourth house is the house of home, family, and emotions.

What planet am I ruled by?

Below are the ruling planets of each sign.

  • Aries - Mars

  • Taurus - Venus

  • Gemini - Mercury

  • Cancer - Moon

  • Leo - Sun

  • Libra - Venus

  • Scorpio - Mars

  • Sagittarius - Jupiter

  • Capricorn - Saturn

  • Aquarius - Saturn

  • Pisces - Jupiter

Fourth House Astrology

Read on to learn how 4th house astrology directly impacts you or those around you.

Fourth House in Aries

Those with a fourth house in the sign of Aries may find that impatience crawls its way into family relationships. This can result in conflict, fiery arguments, and a blunt communication style. This placement can sometimes indicate a tense relationship with in-laws too.

Because of Aries’ fiery nature (Aries, of course, being ruled by the God of War himself, Mars), anger issues may be present, as well as a sometimes over-confident approach to handling emotional issues with family members.

However, it's important to note that Aries' dynamic and energetic qualities can infuse the home environment with enthusiasm and a zest for action. Those with a fourth house in Aries are likely to be initiators within their family units, sparking new ideas and activities to keep things lively.

Fourth House in Taurus

Fourth House Taureans often stem from stable and caring (although sometimes strict and overbearing) households. These placements may find themselves with a deep desire for earthly comforts and the need for daily satisfaction.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which infuses its placements with a strong and connected relationship with love and pleasure. When managed with boundaries, fairness, and mutual care, can be highly beneficial to the fourth house Taurus, and those around them.

However, the Taurean desire for comfort may sometimes verge on the side of resistance to change. These individuals may find it challenging to adapt to disruptions in their domestic routine, preferring a steady and predictable environment. While this steadfastness contributes to a secure and nurturing home, it's essential to strike a balance between stability and flexibility.

Fourth House  in Gemini

Gemini is the mutable air sign and is known to be one of the more flighty and unstable members of the zodiac. Described as being flaky, this can bring challenges for those with their fourth house.

Gemini is a fiercely independent sign, which, when not met with respect and understanding at home, can cause relationship conflicts. However, on the flip side, those with a Gemini 4th house often thrive in an environment that encourages mental stimulation, communication, and a variety of interests. Their homes may be filled with books, lively discussions, and a constant flow of ideas, creating a vibrant and intellectually engaging space. In a nutshell, when Gemini has control over their home, it can be a very happy home. 

While Gemini may value their freedom, they also appreciate relationships that provide mental stimulation and mutual understanding. Finding a balance between independence and connection is the key to harmonious family dynamics for those with a Gemini fourth house. 

Fourth House in Cancer

Cancers are habitually deeply connected with their family, and being the sign on the Crab, which carries its home with it on its back. This means that those with 4th house in Cancer often have their roots firmly embedded in the need for security, home, and heart.

For Fourth House Cancers, the familial ties run deep, but an interesting dynamic unfolds as they may find themselves forming particularly close bonds with the parent of the opposite sex. This can bring a unique set of challenges, especially for female or female presenting Cancers, as the fourth house rules all things maternal. Navigating this nuanced relationship dynamic may require careful consideration and emotional balance.

To navigate this emotional terrain, individuals with this placement may benefit from fostering open communication within the family and acknowledging the unique dynamics at play. Finding a balance between maternal and paternal energies, both within oneself and in relationships, can lead to a more harmonious family life.

A large family looking over the beach at sunset.
Those born with Cancer in the 4th house will have a strong responsibility to family. They may also have a large family.

Fourth House in Leo

Powered by the sun, having one’s 4th house in Leo can be auspicious, as it brings happiness, confidence, and vitality to the home. 

Family is paramount for 4th House Leos, and they naturally assume the role of the alpha or backbone within their domestic realms. Their generous spirit extends beyond just material comforts; they lavish their loved ones with an abundance of love, affection, and unwavering support. In the Leo home, there's an atmosphere of celebration and joy, as these individuals take pride in creating an environment where every family member feels special and valued.

However, the magnanimity of Leo can sometimes tip into a desire for recognition and admiration. While this inclination can inspire others, Fourth House Leos need to be mindful of ensuring a healthy balance in their family dynamics. Creating a space for open communication and mutual appreciation fosters a harmonious environment where Leo's radiant energy can flourish without overshadowing the individuality of each family member.

Fourth House in Virgo

As the archetypal sign of stability, having a fourth house placement in Virgo denotes security and worldly needs and resources being met. Virgo is typically organised, orderly, and detail-oriented, which reflects in their home life. This can be a blessing or a curse to those who live with them, depending on their own placements. 

Also, Virgo's arbitrary lack of emotional intelligence and empathy can upset the dynamics within families. For those living with Fourth House Virgos, understanding and appreciating the intention behind the meticulous nature can go a long way. Virgos aim for perfection not out of a desire to control but as an expression of their commitment to creating a harmonious and functional living space for everyone involved.

Fourth House in Libra

If there’s one sign committed to the need for equilibrium within the home and family circle, it’s diplomatic Libra.

With a Libra ruling, family harmony, and a balanced work-home life are super important to those with this placement. Libras are typically social butterflies and relationship-oriented, so fourth house Libras may feel pulled towards having a big family.

However, in the pursuit of maintaining equilibrium, fourth house Libras may sometimes find themselves torn between various obligations and responsibilities. Striking the right balance between their social engagements and domestic commitments becomes a delicate dance, requiring mindful navigation.

Two parents with small children playing together
Those born with the 4th house in Libra will crave balance and stability

Fourth House in Scorpio

Water sign Scorpio has a deep connection and rooted emotions within their family and often feels obligated to defend, manage, control, and console those closest to them, which can sometimes upset the balance of what’s healthy and realistic.

Scorpio's complexity manifests in their deep emotional currents, and those with this placement may find it essential to navigate and gauge their feelings effectively. It becomes crucial to strike a balance between expressing their emotional depth and avoiding potential power struggles or control issues within the family unit.

Fourth House in Sagittarius

Good old no-nonsense Sag is fiercely loyal but heavily opposed to being tied down, smothered/over-mothered, or rooted in one place for too long because of someone else. This can cause conflicting emotions among those with a fourth house Sagittarius placement.

The conflicting emotions arise from a deep love for their roots and family ties, coupled with an insatiable thirst for exploration and independence. This internal struggle can lead to a constant search for a balance that allows them to nurture family bonds while honouring their need for personal freedom and growth.

To navigate this delicate dance, those with a fourth house Sagittarius placement may benefit from open communication and a mutual understanding with family members. Establishing clear boundaries that respect both the need for independence and the value of familial connections can create a harmonious middle ground.

Fourth House in Capricorn

Cautious Capricorn prides itself on its prowess with stability, security, and resources, and often likes to take responsibility for these areas within their family unit (sometimes to the point of being a tad controlling).

The sense of obligation that defines Capricorns is a double-edged sword. While their commitment to family well-being is unwavering, it may brew subtle feelings of resentment over time. This stems from their unspoken expectation that others should share in their level of dedication. It's essential for Capricorns to communicate openly about their expectations, fostering a mutual understanding within the family.

Fourth House in Aquarius

Aquarius can be a mixed bag of contradictions, particularly in regards to their desire for consistency and their inevitable boredom with routine. 

This can cause domestic disharmony for those with this placement, as well as a complex mother-child relationship (the mother may often find herself confused with the sporadic nature of their Aquarius child).

Stability may pose a challenge for those with this placement, as the "home is wherever you lie your head" attitude takes precedence. The idea of a conventional, rooted home may feel restricting to the free-spirited Aquarius, leading them to seek unconventional living arrangements or experiences that align with their need for constant change and exploration.

Fourth House in Pisces 

Similar to their water companion, Scorpio, Pisces often finds itself with a deeply-rooted connection to all things family and home-related. As one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac, fourth house Pisceans often connect well with loved ones, owing to their innate and otherworldly knowledge of their loved ones’ needs.

Setting boundaries can sometimes be a challenge for aquatic Pisces, which 4th housers will need to be mindful of when sharing a roof with other family members - particularly ones of a matriarchal nature.

Having the fourth house in Pisces bathes the home in a gentle, empathetic, and intuitive energy. By embracing their intuitive gifts while cultivating a mindful approach to boundaries, those with this placement can transform their homes into sanctuaries of emotional connection, where the ebb and flow of emotions create a harmonious and supportive familial tapestry.

The Bottom Line On The Fourth House 

Family, home life, and the need for stability are prominent factors within the human experience, so understanding your 4th house placement may make these areas easier to manage.

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with the house aspect of astrology will inevitably aid you in deepening your knowledge of your inner self and the world around you.


What does 4th house mean in astrology?

The fourth house is the fourth house of birth charts. The fourth house sits on the bottom of the zodiac wheel and represents our relationship with our immediate family, ancestors, family traditions, and the maternal/matriarchal figures in our lives. It is located below the horizon line. 

What issues are in the 4th house astrology?

The issues stemming from fourth house astrology can often revolve around the emotions that arise with family history and grievances.

The 4th house also speaks to our levels of emotional maturity and how we look after ourselves, mind, body, and spirit, which can also be challenging areas of focus.

What is the 4th house in astrology psychologically?

Astrology and the psyche go hand-in-hand, and the 4th house nods to the relationship between our spiritualism and our own personal psychology.

Its primary focus on family can mean we look deeper at our loved ones and ancestry in terms of mental health and how we take care of our emotional and spiritual well-being.

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