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What Is A Stellium In Birth Chart Astrology?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Have you ever felt that certain aspects of your personality are especially pronounced or that certain themes recur throughout your life? If so, you might have a stellium in your birth chart!

A stellium is where three or more planets fall in the same house of your birth chart. Your stellium can help you understand your personality, life path, and recurring themes within your life. Think of it as a celestial spotlight that highlights a certain area of your life.

In this blog post, we explore the natal meaning of a stellium, how it shapes our destiny, and how we uncover its secrets. Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or just seeking more clarity, let’s explore stelliums on a deeper level!

Key Takeaways

  • A stellium in your birth chart is when three or more planets are grouped in the same house or zodiac sign.

  • A stellium will amplify the energy of that house or sign, causing you to behave intensely as that sign in a particular area of your life.

  • Stelliums are pretty rare, so count yourself lucky if you have one!

  • The particular house you find your planetary stellium in will have a profound impact on your life.

What Is Stellium In Astrology?

A stellium is when you have 3 or more planets in the same astrological house.

They can cause intensity in the house or zodiac sign that they are placed in, causing you to behave intensely as that single zodiac sign in that area of your life. For example, if you have a stellium of planets in your 8th house of Libra, you may feel need to be picture-perfect at all times. You may feel pressured to radiate the beauty and balance that Libras are known for, and may feel compelled to overspend to achieve this. You may also come into money by strange means, or have a strong connection to the supernatural.

Or perhaps you have three or more planets in Leo in the 2nd house, you may enjoy spending lots of money. However, the confidence and bold energy that Leo brings also means you are skilled at making money. You may find you are especially skilled at making money through creative pursuits or in careers where you need lots of charisma and confidence.

What Does My Stellium Mean?

Your stellium can mean a range of things depending on the house and sign your stellium falls in. Stellium astrology is impacted by the planets involved. For example, an Aries stellium with Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 3rd house will translate differently to a 3rd house Aries stellium made up of Mars, Neptune, and Pluto.

A stellium that includes your personal planets is even more influential than one made of the other planets. Your personal planets include your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Outer planets like Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto also have an on the native's life. However, these planets tend to be more concerned with the 'big picture' of your life and your future, while the personal planets rule the day-to-day.

Pro tip: You can use a personal planets calculator to find Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs. You will need the exact time, date, and place of your birth.

Below, we explore what different stelliums mean in different zodiac signs. You should use this information to interpret your astrological chart and to reflect on your personality.

AI Generated image of 4 planets.
Your first four planets can tell you a lot about your personality.

Can I have more than one stellium in my natal chart?

It is rare, but it's completely possible to have more than one stellium in your birth chart. You might also have four or more planets in one sign. Generally, the more planets you have in one house in your natal chart, the stronger influence that house will have over your life.

Stelliums In Houses

What does a first house stellium mean?

A first house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your first house. It can indicate a pioneering or trendsetting energy. It means you have a strong sense of self, are fiercely independent, and are happiest when moving forward with a plan.

You tend to make great salespeople or influencers as you are strongly guided by your sense of self. However, it can also indicate success when self-employed or a career in management.

What does a second house stellium mean?

A second house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your second house. It can indicate a love of material things and a desire to surround yourself with beauty. This could translate as an enhanced ability to manage your finances, possessions, and resources.

However, it could also suggest that you may face challenges alongside this because you have a strong focus on material things. This said, you also place importance on self-worth, making you a good advocate for yourself and your needs.

What does a third house stellium mean?

A third house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your third house. It can indicate great curiosity and mental agility. The 3rd house is often seen as the house of communication, so you might have the ‘gift-of-the-gab’ or know just what to say.

What’s more, those with a 3rd house stellium have a natural talent for learning languages, writing, and stand-up comedy. Play to your strengths and try taking an improv class!

Third house stelliums should try doing something creative or funny
Third house stelliums should try doing something creative or funny

What does a fourth house stellium mean?

A fourth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your fourth house. It indicates a strong emphasis on family and home life. However, family takes a lot of forms, and 4th house stellium can also mean you are a nurturing and loving person who cares deeply about your friends.

Those with a 4th house stellium are deeply perceptive and have great intuition.

What does a fifth house stellium mean?

A fifth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your fifth house. 5th house stelliums have a love for the drama of life. They’re hidden superstars who need lots of focus and attention in order to shine.

They value romance, creativity, and self-expression. They also tend to be artistic, warm, generous, and creative.

What does a sixth house stellium mean?

A sixth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your sixth house. A 6th house stellium indicates a strong connection to health, work, and daily routine. This could result in you being someone who’s focused on your responsibilities and sees a direct correlation between your well-being and how you manage your time. Whilst you may err on the side of perfectionism, when you do a task, you’re deeply committed and want to see it through to completion.

What does a seventh house stellium mean?

A seventh house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your seventh house. A 7th house stellium suggests that you emphasise your connections with others. You may hold a heightened level of sensitivity and desire for harmony within your friendship. Knowing the exact signs and planets in the stellium will help you better understand your approach to relationships and their importance in your life.

What does an eighth house stellium mean?

An eighth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your eighth house. Deep psychological experiences and transformation are at large within the 8th house. With a stellium here, you may find you’re drawn to exploring the metaphysical and wanting to dive into the hidden parts of existence. This might manifest as a fascination with psychology, the occult, or matters of human mortality.

The 8th house is also concerned with other people’s money and assets. As a result, an 8th house stellium can indicate marrying into a rich family or finding a wealthy business partner!

What does a ninth house stellium mean?

A ninth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your ninth house. A stellium in the 9th house can point towards themes of learning, travel, and philosophy. You may feel drawn to expand your horizons through exploration. You seek knowledge and the truth.

Plus, a 9th house stellium can indicate very lucky people. You tend to be bubbly, optimistic, and always look on the bright side of life.

What does a tenth house stellium mean?

A tenth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your tenth house. Those with a stellium in the 10th house are destined to have a great career— sometimes whether they like it or not! If career opportunities seem to fall into your life, you may have a 10th house stellium.

A 10th house stellium means you emphasise professional success and make a big impact in your areas of expertise and interest. This house is generally associated with reputation, career, and an individual’s public life.

A woman holding a 'like a boss' mug
Tenth house stelliums are destined to have a successful career

What does an eleventh-house stellium mean?

An eleventh house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your eleventh house. Those with 11th-house stelliums need to be free. They are unique, independent, and cause-oriented, valuing supporting good causes over their own personal needs.

People with this particular alignment tend to involve themselves in group activities and cultivate strong social connections. It can indicate a strong pull to get involved in charitable or humanitarian causes.

What does a twelfth house stellium mean?

A twelfth house stellium means you have 3 or more planets in your twelfth house. A 12th-house stellium indicates that you are deeply intuitive, creative, and sensitive. It also means you may have psychic intuition or psychic tendencies, so look into tarot reading, divination, or crystal work— you may find a natural talent!

Stelliums in Zodiac Signs

What does an Aries stellium mean?

An Aries stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Aries. An Aries stellium will have a similar energy to a first house stellium as Aries rules the first house.

This means Aries stelliums tend to be assertive, natural leaders, and go-getters. They love to have a plan and see it through. People with this stellium often exhibit self-determination and drive. However, sometimes this can mean rushing into situations before thinking them through, so be careful!

What does a Taurus stellium mean?

A Taurus stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Taurus. A Taurus stellium will have a similar energy to a second house stellium as Taurus rules the second house.

Possessing this stellium tends to mean that you value sensual pleasures in life. You enjoy material comforts, physical well-being, and are committed to beauty and luxury.

Determination, a typical Taurus trait, is amplified within this stellium.

What does a Gemini stellium mean?

A Gemini stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Gemini. A Gemini stellium will have a similar energy to a third house stellium as Gemini rules the third house.

Geminis are often good communicators, quick thinkers, and good at processing information. This configuration will enhance the intellectual and curious aspects of your personality, the potential flip side might be a struggle with scattered energy as there’s so much that interests you!

What does a Cancer stellium mean?

A Cancer stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Cancer. Cancer stelliums will have a similar energy to a fourth house stellium as Cancer rules the fourth house.

A stellium in Cancer will enhance qualities such as emotional depth, strong family ties, and empathy. This nurturing sign often means you are very connected to the feelings and energies around you, so you might also struggle with mood swings and seek the comfort of others.

What does a Leo stellium mean?

A Leo stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Leo. A Leo stellium will have a similar energy to a fifth house stellium as Leo rules the fifth house.

A flair for self-expression, a strong desire for recognition, and natural leadership abilities are common traits here. With a stellium in Leo, you might excel in performance-related fields but may also struggle with the need for constant outside validation and recognition.

A Lion in the desert
Leo is symbolised by a proud Lion

What does a Virgo stellium mean?

A Virgo stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Virgo. A Virgo stellium will have a similar energy to a 6th house stellium as Virgo rules the 6th house.

Virgo is a meticulous, organised, and efficient sign. Those with a Virgo stellium are often highly practical. However, on the other side, there is a potential struggle with perfectionism.

What does a Libra stellium mean?

A Libra stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Libra. A Libra stellium will have a similar energy to a seventh house stellium as Libra rules the seventh house.

A Libra stellium will enhance the qualities of the sign. This means a desire for harmony, talent for diplomacy, and natural creativity. Sometimes this leans into people-pleasing behaviours, so it’s a fine line between keeping the peace without betraying your own ideals.

What does a Scorpio stellium mean?

A Scorpio stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Scorpio. A Scorpio stellium will have a similar energy to an 8th house stellium as Scorpio rules the 8th house.

Individuals with this stellium often have an intense and complex inner life. Strong instincts and resourcefulness will aid you on your path. The potential for your inner complexity to turn to secrecy is real though, so face this head-on.

What does a Sagittarius stellium mean?

A Sagittarius stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Sagittarius. A Saggitairus stellium will have a similar energy to a ninth house stellium in Sagittarius rules the ninth house.

The Sagittarius spirit of adventure, thirst for knowledge, and a tendency towards optimism are amplified with this stellium. An adventurous spirit is a happy one, but be aware that it can lean towards restlessness if not checked.

What does a Capricorn stellium mean?

A Capricorn stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Capricorn. A Capricorn stellium will have a similar energy to a tenth house stellium as Capricorn rules the tenth house.

Whilst you may be a perfectionist, this can manifest in great success when it comes to career, leadership roles, or personal challenges. A desire for structure and order are prominent within this stellium.

What does an Aquarius stellium mean?

An Aquarius stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Aquarius. An Aquarius stellium will have a similar energy to an eleventh-house stellium as Aquarius rules the eleventh house.

A strong sense of purpose and a desire for meaningful and societal change can be seen in this stellium. Intellectual curiosity drives the individual, yet there can be a tendency towards being emotionally distant whilst focusing on the bigger picture.

A person reading a birth chart
Learn to read your birth chart with astro-bubble

What does a Pisces stellium mean?

A Pisces stellium means you have 3 or more planets in Pisces. A Pisces stellium will have a similar energy to a twelfth house stellium as Pisces rules the twelfth house.

A stellium here in your birth chart can hint at a profound connection with the mystical, artistic, and emotional realm. A natural ability to tune into the emotions of others is a great Piscean quality but can lead to feeling easily overwhelmed.

The Bottom Line On Stellium Astrology

A stellium in your natal chart can hold the key to unlocking some essential and fascinating truths about yourself. The alignment of three or more planets at the time of your birth means that the particular energy of the sign or house is amplified. Stelliums offer unique insights into your strengths, challenges, and life themes.

This article and the information within it are really just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a stellium in your chart or just want to know more, it’s a good idea to look into each individual stellium and the sign or one house it’s associated with. Exploring your stellium can help deepen your understanding of yourself and your destiny.


How do you find stellium on a birth chart?

Look for three or more planets clustered together in the same house or sign within your birth chart.

Are Stelliums rare?

They are pretty rare, yes! They are rarer than some other planetary configurations, but not many people have several planets in one single house.

Why do I have three or more planets in one house?

Three or more planets in one particular zodiac sign is called a stellium. The planets in your stellium have and the one zodiac sign they're in have a profound impact on your life.

What if my stellium is in my sun sign?

With a stellium in your sun sign you'll experience intensity in that house and embody the traits of that house. For example, with a stellium in Capricorn and a sun sign in Capricorn, you'll likely be very hard-working, have a prosperous career, and be driven to achieve your ambitions.

Hot air balloons rising in the sun
Your sun sign is based on the date of your birth

Does everyone have a stellium?

No, not everyone has a stellium in their chart. It’s more common to have an evenly distributed arrangement of planets throughout your natal chart.


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