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What Is Manifestation And How Does It Work?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

You know those people who seem to get everything they want? Maybe they have lucky girl syndrome, were born under the right stars, or maybe they know the power of manifestation.

Manifestation is a word that we hear a lot, especially in the worlds of well-being and new-age science. But what is manifestation, and how can you do it? Whilst there are many layers to manifestation, the critical essence is simple— manifestation teaches that you hold the power to turn your dreams and ambitions into reality.

However, manifestation can be tricky. Limiting beliefs can creep up when you least expect it. These feelings of self-doubt, fear, or lack of direction can lower your vibrations and stand in the way of manifesting what you want in life.

This article explores what does manifestation mean, ways in which we can overcome limiting beliefs, and top tips for integrating successful manifestation into our day-to-day lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Manifestation is the idea that you have the power to create the life that you want.

  • Sometimes limiting beliefs get in the way of this process. They lower your vibrations and prevent manifestations from coming true.

  • Limiting beliefs can be negative emotions, lack of confidence, or a poor response to daily life challenges.

  • You can manifest through life authoring, writing a letter to the universe, creating a vision board, verbalising your dreams, and using subliminal messaging.

What Does Manifesting Mean?

Manifestation is the ability to attract what you want in life through the power of intention. It involves believing that what is meant for you is coming, being intentional in your desires from the universe, and using the law of attraction to draw abundance into your life. Through effective manifestation, your thoughts and desires can become your reality.

Manifestation is rooted in self-belief. You need to believe that you deserve the good things that are coming. However, it also embraces the concept that there’s a larger plan for all of us. Manifestation teaches that there is more promised for you than what’s immediately visible in our lives— you just need to believe it.

How Do I Manifest?

Just like there is no one way to cleanse your crystals, there is no one way to manifest. Manifestation is a deeply personal and individual process, and what works for one person may not work for another. It's a journey of self-discovery and experimentation, where you can explore various techniques and methods to find what resonates most with you.

For example, some people have incredible success with visualisation, but that has never worked for me. Others do well with writing letters to the universe or speaking blessings into existence. Others prefer to create vision boards, setting their intentions through images and words. Affirmations, meditation, and gratitude practices are also popular tools in the manifestation toolkit.

The key is to stay open-minded, patient, and consistent in your practice. Trust in the power of your intentions and beliefs, and be ready to adapt and refine your approach as you learn more about what works best for you.

Pro Tip: Your key to manifestation could lie in your birth chart! Look at your sun sign to determine exactly how you should manifest. Your manifestations will be most popular when you perform the actions of your birth chart. For example, if your sun is in Libra, your manifestations will be more powerful when you’re indulging in self-care. On the other hand, Aries might find that your manifestations gain strength when you embrace your inner leadership qualities.

How Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation teaches us that everything we desire is already ours, we simply need to invite it into our lives. Manifestation teaches that we attract what we desire by putting our intentions out into the universe and drawing them to us with positive vibrations.

Sound a little fluffy? Hey, we get it. Talking about vibrations and good energy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, it’s commonly understood by psychologists, well-being practitioners, and some doctors that our minds and our bodies are inextricably linked. When you put good out into the world, you attract good back towards you. Abundance begets abundance, and there's scientific support for this phenomenon.

Your manifestations need to come from a genuine and loving place in order to be successful. Each of us will choose to manifest different things. For some, this might be a desire to improve certain relationships, for others, it could be a need for improved health and physical well-being.

Whatever you want, you should begin by setting clear and focused intentions. What exactly is it that you want? Is it money, love, or occupational success? Take the time to consider what you’re actually envisioning. For example, do you really want money, or do you want the stability that financial security brings? Do you actually want a promotion, or do you want the esteem and recognition that comes with this? If you aren’t specific in your desires and intentions, your manifestations won’t work.

How To Manifest What You Want

Let’s dive into the top 5 manifestation methods used by experts in the field so that you can implement them in your manifestation practices.

Pre-manifestation step


Gratitude is the foundation of your manifestations. Without gratitude for everything you already have, you’ll find it difficult to attract abundance. For example, you may not love your current job and are trying to manifest a more exciting and better-paid one. In the manifestation process, it’s important that you project gratitude for the benefits your current job is giving you. Perhaps it offers you some semblance of financial security, or will serve as a foot in the door to your dream job. Every cloud has a silver lining, so look for these in your practice of gratitude.

It may not always seem immediately obvious what you should be thankful for. Perhaps you’re manifesting better health as you find yourself in a difficult daily health struggle. Even within this genuine pain and darkness, there will be aspects of your life that you can be grateful for. Even if it’s something small like the lovely hot tea you had this morning, how soft your favourite jumper is, or even how beautiful the sky looked last night. Focusing on these small joys may help you with your manifestations and lead to bigger things.

Try using a gratitude journal to note down 3 things you’re grateful for every day. These can be small things, like a nice biscuit you had earlier, or bigger things, like the love of your family or your health. Making a note of things you’re grateful for can help rewire your brain to look for the positives in life, as well as help you on your manifestation journey.

5 Best ways to manifest what you want

1. Life authoring

Life authoring is a combination of visualisation and written manifestation techniques where you become the author of your own story. Simply take a pen and paper, and write about what your life looks like exactly one year from today. Don’t be afraid to get really specific about exactly what you want.

Try using the following prompts to get started:

  • Where are you one year from today?

  • How did you get there?

  • What are you wearing?

  • Who are you with?

Through this process of life authoring, you are not only setting intentions but also creating a vivid mental blueprint of your desired future. The act of writing and visualizing in such detail helps to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your aspirations. Remember to revisit and revise your written vision regularly, staying open to the opportunities and growth that will guide you toward your one-year-from-now reality.

2. A letter to the universe

A letter to the universe is another written manifestation technique. In this, you write a letter to the universe thanking her for her abundance and the prosperity she has blessed you with. Start by thanking her for three specific things you are grateful for, and then move on to writing a list of gifts you are excited to welcome into your life within the next year.

For example,

Dear Ms. Universe

Thank you so much for the blessings bestowed upon me this year. I am so incredibly grateful for [X], [Y], and [Z].

In this coming year, I am excited to welcome the following gifts and blessings into my life:

  1. [A]

  2. [B]

  3. [C]

  4. [D]

Thank you, Universe, for your abundant blessings and for guiding me on this path of growth and fulfillment. I trust in your wisdom and the infinite possibilities you offer. I am open and ready to receive all the gifts and opportunities that you have in store for me in the coming year.

With gratitude and excitement,


3. Create a vision board

Some people do well with a visual representation of their goals. A vision board is a great way to achieve this and is especially handy for visualising wealth, possessions, and lifestyle changes. To create a vision board, look for visual inspiration of what you want your life to look like. This can be mantras, pictures, drawings, and more. Cut these out and stick them together to make a collage that serves as a powerful manifestation tool.

Once you’ve created your vision board, put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day. Take a few minutes to look at it with intention every morning. Read any mantras, imagine how you will feel when you have those things, and then keep moving forward toward your goals. Before long, the beautiful things on your vision board will certainly be in your hands.

4. Vocalisation

Vocalisation is a great manifestation method for natural chatter-boxes, signs ruled by Mercury, or anyone who finds it easier to express their desires verbally. This technique involves speaking your intentions and affirmations aloud to harness the power of your own voice and the energy it carries. You will literally be speaking your dreams into reality, so be careful what you say!

There are many ways you can vocalise your dreams into reality. For example,

  • Try speaking affirmations into the mirror every morning. Repeat them with confidence and believe they will happen.

  • Sing along to songs about prosperity and abundance.

  • Speak to your partner or trusted friend about your dreams. Act as if they’ve already happened, and tell them how your dreams became a reality.

5. Subliminal messaging

Subliminal messaging is my personal favourite way to manifest. I have found my manifestations take effect quickly with this method, and it is not the only method I use to manifest abundance in my life.

Subliminal messaging can sound scary. However, it is simply a subconscious way to program your mind to seek abundance. You could try:

  • Putting post-its around your house that have your dream written on them. Acknowledge them as you walk past.

  • Organise your phone apps into folders titled with your manifestations. For example, pull all your financial apps together with the title as an affirmation, ‘I am rich’ or all your social media apps with the affirmation, ‘I am loved’.

  • Listen to vibrational music as you fall asleep. For example, you can search for ‘Abundance vibrational music’ on YouTube and have it on in the background as you rest in bed.

Take inspired action

No matter which manifestation method you decide on, you also need to take inspired action. You can’t sit around waiting for a cheque to come through the door or for Prince Charming to come knocking— you need to get out there and change your life!

Manifestation will only work if you work with it. So take action! Break your dreams down into smaller, more manageable goals and actively move towards them. We believe in you!

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the belief that you attract what you put out into the world. For example, if you put out good and do good, then good things will happen to you. It is similar to the idea of karma. However, manifestation is focused on immediate output and positive change, as opposed to karma’s ‘what goes around comes around.’

Emotions, intentions, and thoughts are all energy. This energy flows out into the universe, and because everything else is also energetic, what we give out is reflected back at us. Like a magnet, you draw positivity to you when you think good thoughts and do good things. The Law of Attraction can work in positive and negative ways, and it’s up to us to harness it so that it works for us.

For example, if you believe that you’re unlikeable and unsociable, you may find that you give off that vibe. From this, you may have fewer friends and have less fun in social situations. On the other hand, if you internally repeat to yourself that you’re loveable, fun, and deserve great friendships, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by deep and loving relationships.

We’re not suggesting that it’s easy to attract the right energy, especially if life events or trauma have left you with low self-esteem or negative emotions. It takes time.

How Can I Implement The Law Of Attraction Into My Life?

Many people find that this process can feel a little false at first. If you’re used to your mind telling you that you’re unworthy or useless, repeating loving affirmations may seem a little foreign at the beginning. As you travel deeper into the Law of Attraction, you’ll see that it really does work, and you’ll start to embody the positive thoughts and emotions that you’re nourishing yourself with.

It’s also important who we surround ourselves with. If every day we’re surrounded by people who talk negatively about others and try to tear them down, it’s more likely we’ll think critically of ourselves. When we’re surrounded by people who are on a path of self-discovery and awareness, it’s much more likely we’ll also feel encouraged to put good energy out into the world.

Good energy can mean caring for others, encouraging people’s goals, and always trying to act from a place of respect. As humans, we often echo the actions and behaviours of those around us, so be aware of who you choose to spend your time with and how it can affect your manifestation journey.

Lastly, be really mindful of the language you use. If you often say “I can’t” or “I wish I could, but” you’re robbing yourself of the brilliance and abundance you deserve.

The Bottom Line On Manifestation

Manifestation is an inherent belief in our goals and dreams. It is the knowledge that what is meant for you won’t pass you by. However, through a series of focused practices, we can speed up this process, getting closer to our goals and taking hold of our deepest desires.

With a mixture of positive thinking, gratitude, and action, we can all attract what we want into our lives.


What does manifesting do to you?

Manifesting can help you see the world through a more positive lens and help you attract your dreams through the law of attraction. Manifestation helps you to be more intentional in your daily life and be grateful for what you have.

Does manifesting really work?

Many people report that their manifestation technique resulted in them achieving their goals over time.

How do you manifest exactly?

There are many techniques to help you manifest effectively. You could try:

  • Life authoring

  • Writing a letter to the universe

  • Creating a vision board

  • Vocalisation

  • Subliminal messaging


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